How to Eat a Peach


How much would you do to follow your passion?  Squirrel’s only passion is peaches, and a farmer and a wall stand between him and his goal.  This suspenseful fable is a tale of determination and an unexpected change of heart.

Author's Note

How to Eat a Peach is a story about following your passion. I loved writing this book depicting a character, Squirrel,  who is not going to give up on his goal.  What a powerful message we send to children when they hear stories of determination. I also love that near the end, Girl Squirrel also achieves the same goal but attains it differently, showcasing to children that not all paths to one goal look the same. I hope that this fable (and the others) prompts questions and discussion between the reader and child.

Instructions for Big People

This book is designed to be read to children of all ages. The vocabulary is advanced and should prompt questions. Children of every age will understand and interact with the book differently. Encourage younger readers to look for the firefly hidden on every page!

Kirkus Review

"In this story about determination, following one’s passion, and the joy of sharing, Schaufeld (Larry and Bob, 2016, etc.) avoids obvious didacticism, instead focusing on the sweetness of peaches and companionship as well as the satisfaction of working for a goal. Fred finds real happiness in expanding his idea of family; both man and squirrel convincingly discover that passion shouldn’t become obsession. Returning collaborator Schwarz paints with pleasingly rich, saturated hues; the peaches look absolutely luscious, as they should." Read the full review here.

Reading with Your Kids Review

"How to eat a peach is a beautiful book! The illustrations are phenomenal and the message is one that sinks deep into our soul – the joy of that comes from sharing. Sharing can be hard for young kids and when kids will see characters in this FANTASTIC story where sharing is promoted, they’ll be better able to develop this important skill. The book also communicates many other important lessons regarding dedication, following your passion and helping others…all while being absolutely enjoyable!" Read the full review here.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × .5 × 8.8 in
Grade Level

Preschool – 3rd