The Lollipop Tree


Follow us on the exciting journey of a strong and proud little tree! Once remarked upon for her tall stature and growing limbs, an incredible storm leaves her scarred and the tree must fight all odds to regain the strength and beauty once marveled at by passersby. The Lollipop Tree is a beautiful and unusual story that young readers will come to love through seasons of change.

Author's Note

The Lollipop Tree was based on the travails of a real tree on my farm. Watching it recover from repeated injuries led me to write from the tree’s perspective and reflect on how people deal with adversity in their life. As I was writing I also wanted to help readers feel that although we may look or grow differently, we all have inner strength and a will to survive and thrive.

Instructions for Big People

This book is designed to be read to children of all ages. The vocabulary is advanced and should prompt questions. Children of every age will understand and interact with the book differently. Encourage younger readers to look for the praying mantis hidden on every page!

Kirkus Review

"A little tree tries to overcome setbacks—and learns that she can heal—in this debut picture book. A tiny shoot grows into a seedling and then a sapling. When she and other trees are planted in a row along a road, she’s proud of her height and how much she resembles her cohorts. One night, lightning strikes the tree; passers-by fear she will be cut down. But she wills herself to grow, and when she recovers, she has a new shape and a nickname: the Lollipop Tree. Soon she suffers another hardship when a driver knocks half her roots out of the ground. But with the help of the man and his companions, she gets a second chance to thrive. The realistic paintings by debut illustrator Schwarz feature lovely landscapes and skyscapes." Read the full review here.

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Grade Level

Kindergarten – 3rd