Meet Children’s Author

Karen Schaufeld

Karen Schaufeld is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and  lawyer. Karen describes the development of her first book as “the exhausting process of holding a story that lives in your mind until you are forced to put it on paper.” She published her first children’s book, The Lollipop Tree, in 2014 and released her second children’s book, Larry and Bob, in 2016. How to Eat a Peach, released in Spring 2019, is her third book.


Karen Schaufeld co-founded All Ages Read Together (AART) a school readiness program for low-income preschool-aged children. AART looks at Kindergarten Readiness Indicators and the individual strengths of each child in the class. When children learn to read at an early age, they gain greater general knowledge, expand their vocabularies, and become more fluent readers. Karen’s support of early childhood reading extends beyond AART into her own fables. She knows that stories that have the most significant impact make an emotional impression on children. She also has created her books to be read to children using advanced vocabulary to support vocabulary acquisition. The power of the written word is displayed in the memories of adults who can remember their favorite books from childhood and how they made them feel. She hopes that one day she will learn that one of her books had that impression on a child.

Books by Karen

Holiday 3-Book Bundle

Give the gift of reading this holiday season when you purchase a 3-book bundle for just $45! This includes all three books: The Lollipop Tree, Larry and Bob, and How to Eat a Peach at a combined retail value of $60. Limited time offer.



Vultures, A Love Story

Little Igor (eye-gore), a vulture, was born with a limp and an unusual feather sticking up from his otherwise bald head. This tale is about appreciating our differences and our skills and recognizing that we all deserve love.

Anticipated Release Date: Early 2022

How to Eat a Peach

How much would you do to follow your passion?  Squirrel’s only passion is peaches, and a farmer and a wall stand between him and his goal.  This suspenseful fable is a tale of determination and an unexpected change of heart.


Larry and Bob

Larry and Bob is a beautiful story of a unique friendship between a Bald Eagle and a Smallmouth Bass. In the midst of their everyday lives, Larry and Bob meet one fateful day that will change them both. Larry and Bob is an exciting story that will keep readers intrigued about what will happen next.


The Lollipop Tree

Follow us on the exciting journey of a strong and proud little tree! Once remarked upon for her tall stature and growing limbs, an incredible storm leaves her scarred and the tree must fight all odds to regain the strength and beauty once marveled at by passersby. The Lollipop Tree is a beautiful and unusual story that young readers will come to love through seasons of change.