Larry and Bob


Larry and Bob is a beautiful story of a unique friendship between a Bald Eagle and a Smallmouth Bass. In the midst of their everyday lives, Larry and Bob meet one fateful day that will change them both. Larry and Bob is an exciting story that will keep readers intrigued about what will happen next.

Author's Note

The fable Larry And Bob was created in part from real life and grew into a "what if?”  There was an eagles’ nest in our backyard, and we were fortunate to have a camera that allowed us to watch the nest and see the baby eagles. Over time watching these powerful and beautiful birds and their attentiveness in parenting their new eaglets, I began to wonder... what if? Before I knew it, a story started to grow in my mind:  a story of friendship and the possibility of friendship where it is unexpected.

Instructions for Big People

This book is designed to be read to children of all ages. The vocabulary is advanced and should prompt questions. Children of every age will understand and interact with the book differently. Encourage younger readers to look for the dragonfly hidden on every page!

Kirkus Review

"Two animal fathers form an unusual friendship in this quirky but touching picture book from author Schaufeld and illustrator Schwarz. Overall, this is a touching story, and Schaufeld tells it in a calm, melodic style. The placement of the two male characters as caregivers and primary parents puts a nice spin on gender expectations. Schwarz’s realistic paintings are beautifully rendered and include some exquisite landscapes. Kids will enjoy finding the dragonfly that Schwarz has hidden on each page, but adults will appreciate the illustrator’s unique eye... A well-constructed book that depicts a healthy male friendship." Read the full review here.

Reading with Your Kids Review

"Enjoyable for adults and children alike... This sparse little book for young readers is beautifully difficult to define. It’s about the friendship between two unlikely animal fathers, a Bald Eagle and a Smallmouth Bass. The book emphasizes that even the most different of creatures can be friends... Delightful story and colorful illustrations make this book a wonderful read while teaching lessons of friendship and nature. The watercolor illustrations of Kurt Schwarz are very appealing and well-matched to the tale... A great read for animal lovers, third grade and up. It can spark nice conversations about differences and commonality, the meaning of friendships, how animals have feelings too, etc." Read the full review here.

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